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Water Walker

At the request of our leading trainers, Kolora Lodge has invested in a water walker (also known as an Aqua Walker). After careful research, we opted for the AQUATRAINER®, the market leader.  For more information about the AQUATRAINER®, visit http://waterjet.com.au/equine-aqua-trainer-home.html


Benefits of AQUATRAINER®

  • RAPID RECOVERY - Buoyancy from walking in Water enables the rehabilitation of a horse to be several times quicker and more beneficial than having to be ridden slowly
  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE - Professional Trainers use the AQUATRAINER® to improve the horses stamina, circulation, flexibility and muscle tone in a shorter period of time. Resulting in increased performance on the track
  • REDUCES RISK - A controlled, safe environment reduces the risk of injury to the horse. A 30 minute session of buoyant training in the AQUATRAINER® can be as effective as 1 hour of exercise at a much faster pace on land
  • REDUCES LABOUR - Aqua Walking Can be used to reduce up to 50% of specialist labour for handling horses
  • EFFICIENT - Trainers can train or rehabilitate a number of horses at the same time with the AQUATRAINER ®

Unique Features of AQUATRAINER?

  • PATENTED RUBBER BAFFLES - The AQUATRAINER ® Has Submerged rubber baffles to dissipate water surge
  • IN-FLOOR CLEANING SYSTEM - The in-floor cleaning system is designed to push solids which settle on the floor to the centre channel system. Solids are then collected via the suction channel surrounding the centre island
  • SEPARATION & FILTRATION SYSTEM - Twin over size s/s wedge wire separation screens and filter socks are used to separate the debris prior to water entering the filtration system reducing the need for excessive backwashing of the filters
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM - Sensors are installed to balance the water flow between the solids pumps and filter pumps

The AQUATRAINER® Filtration System

  • DUAL OPERATION - The cleaning system of the pool water is dual operation using solids pumps to take the water from the pool and discharge over two s/s wedge wire separation screen's and then filter pumps to take the separated water through the sand filters and back to the pool.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY - Crushed glass filter media is used in place of quartz sand for the filter media. The glass media is 20% lighter and bacteria resistant giving a cleaner pool and saving water through shorter backwash periods.
  • CHLORINE FREE - The AQUATRAINER® is fitted with an Aquamatic chlorine free sanitation unit. This system is 100% environmentally friendly, meaning that the water used for backwashing can be used as irrigation water. The horses can safely drink the water while using the AQUATRAINER® and there is no requirement to wash the horses down after their work-out.

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