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Every time I send a horse to Kolora Lodge, I know it will always come back looking its best

The Olympics

Years of hard work and expertise paid off for Peter McMahon and KS Genoa with their selection for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Peter was pleasantly surprised with his Olympic selection, since his and Michelle's breaking, pre-training and spelling business was growing from strength to strength in the thoroughbred industry.  Business was so busy that Pete was thankful to have Michelle and a staff of talented riders to help with the workload, as it meant that he could manage an hour every couple of days to work with his personal trainer to physically prepare for the Games.

Peter and Michelle's clients were delighted with the news of Pete's selection.  The tremendous support of Kolora's clients helped Pete focus completely whilst at the Games, thankful with the knowledge that whilst he was competing business would be carrying on as per usual at home thanks to Kolora's talented staff.

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