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With years of experience behind him, Peter's passion is breaking in young horses and it has been a passion that comes naturally to him. His realistic and calm approach to different situations has proven to be the most effective when breaking in race horses and the results speak for themselves!

The video is of two James Harron Bloodstock fillies.

one is now named

- Petite Choix (Redoute's Choice / Petits Filous) Trainer: Michael Freedman

Both were broken in by the end of January 2019

Once arriving to Kolora after sales we normally give the yearlings a few weeks rest in the paddocks to let the whole experience of the sales soak in. Then once settled in they come in to the stables to begin their training. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on the trainability of the horse. But by the end of the training we are 110% satisfied your yearling is ready to handle a majority of everything that pre-training and race preparation will throw at them.

We then recommend they be sent for a short spell to rest up before coming back in to commence pre-training!

For more information don't hesitate to contact us

Above is an example of our breakers at 4 weeks on their last ride before a spell.

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