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Water Walker

An aqua trainer can be used to improve the horse’s muscle power, coordination and agility. By improving the horse’s posture and pattern of movement, aqua training also helps prevent injuries. An aqua trainer is the ideal equipment to support day-to-day training, but one of the most important if not the most important benefit of an aqua trainer is that it can be used early on in the rehabilitation process.

Aqua trainer for rehabilitation

Aqua trainers make it possible to get horses with joint, tendon or bone problems exercising. Just like when swimming, buoyancy puts less strain on those joints and tendons that are submerged.

The resistance from the water means that the horse needs to use more muscle power to move. This increases muscle mass and the horse is challenged mentally. The roof over the aqua trainer keeps the water walker at a very cold temperature which cools the joints and tendons at the same time.


Installed and ready for regular use. We have had multiple horses come here for rehab on the treadmill and horses that need extra fitness on top of pre-training. Contact us today to talk about starting your horse on a treadmill program.

 The Classic Treadmill range is currently used throughout Australia and the world for:


  • Conditioning thoroughbreds, standardbreds, yearlings, showjumpers and endurance horses.

  • Training with total control over intensity and the working environment and less risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Recovery of horses having leg and back problems and horses being brought back into full training.

  • Prepurchase examinations and diagnosis.

  • Performance profiling including heartrate monitoring and lactate testing.

  • Gait analysis.

SimTrack Barriers and Running Rail



The use of training gates and barriers is a critically important stage in both the horse and rider’s development towards becoming race ready. All of Sim Tracks products must meet our exacting standards for build quality and are made from the finest materials. Further, their fixed training gates are exact replicas of the larger race day stalls, to simulate an actual race start without any compromise to safety.

Simtrack training gates are the industry standard for getting your horse and rider race ready. They are unmatched for quietness, safety and design excellence.

Both jockey and trainer can be confident knowing that they are using the safest barriers for both themselves and their mount. Simtrack have gone to great lengths to ensure the absolute safety for horse, handler and rider, from entry to exit, in their starting stalls. Their safety designs include extensive padding material on possible impact zones, and greater headroom to ensure increased safety for animal and rider.

We have two sets of Simtrack barriers on our tracks, one up on the crusher dust track and one down near the river on the grass for simulating jump outs like they will experience on race day. There is also another set of barriers which we have fabricated with a larger bay to introduce the breakers to the confined spaces in a safe manner.



After thousands of hours of research and development, Simtrack’s “Break-away” fixed rail system has redefined horseracing’s idea of “the fixed rail”. Their revolutionary patented design stands alone as the single most profound progression in fixed rail safety to occur globally in decades. If the horse or rider should fall, the post breaks away on impact, drastically reducing the potential risk of injury.

Our running rail is located on our track and also down at the grass straight.



The track surface is an all weather surface commonly known as crusher dust. We grade the track every day to ensure a nice soft and flat surface for the horses to work on each day. The track is roughly 1600m in total and we also have a grass straight which is situated down by the river with another set of barriers so we can teach the horses how to jump out just like they would on race day.

Stables, Arenas & Walkers



We currently have 84 stables on the property. Which includes our recently installed "E Block" stables.

E Block has 12 stables which are designed by "Portable Horse Stables" situated in Tamworth. They are all fully fabricated to our requirements so that we can easily get the bob cat in to change them.

Each stable has an automatic waterer and hay & feed bin installed.

All our stables are regularly maintained and kept to a standard and each box is completely changed when needed.

We have 10 walk out yards which are great for bigger horses, easily stressed horses and great for our rehabilitating horses who aren't ready to head out to the paddock just yet.



We have two 60 x 40m arenas, one is sand and the other is a grass arena. Both arenas have jump courses set up in them. Which is actually a great tool to have when we have breakers down there after they graduate from the round yard. They work around the jumps, learning to bend and respond to the riders aids.

We also have a very large indoor round yard which has been resurfaced by ELD. Which contains not only sand but cotton fibres, which keeps the surface nice and soft and dust free.



We have two horse walkers on the property. The 8 horse walker is situated down at the water walker, which is great for drying off after being in the water. Then we also have a 10 horse undercover walker up near the cross ties. Which is regularly used for many different reasons.